Saturday, August 27, 2016

Doing Hard Things (or, my life in numbers)

0= Number of times I've blogged this summer
1= Number of times we went camping (the kids and I) during the summer
2= Extended family weekends we went on (the kids and I, once at the Gough cabin and once at Denise's family reunion)
3= Number of kids I'll have in school (eventually) this year.  
4= Number of days I spent in my happy place, Boston, with Justin back in June. 
5= Number of full days I was without the van for two different mechanical problems (once while I was essentially stranded in Logan during the reunion). 
6= Approximate number of books I've read during the summer.  Including an AMAZING-I-CAN'T-TELL-ENOUGH-PEOPLE-ABOUT-IT book, called When Breath Becomes Air.
7= number of days in a week.  I remember once upon a time I used to get bored during a day.  Now, I can't seem to fit in everything that needs to be done in a week.  Let alone what SHOULD be done.  
8= weeks -the age of the puppy we took home on August 2nd.  Maggie Lou the Golden Doodle 
9= Number of times Maggie has pooped on my carpet.  Just kidding, it's not that high.  Maybe it is, I'm not counting. 
10= Number of continuous hours we were in Fenway, for a tour, luncheon, batting practice, and game while we were there on vacation.  Not to mention the 4 or 5 hours we were there the night before for batting practice and the first game.
12= number of weeks Justin was out of work.  Also, that's about how long he's been at his new company, which he enjoys a lot.  
13= months I've been working (technically it's a few more, but since I had my own cases). 
14= number of times I've attended a Barre class this month.  A new high for me.  
10= Approximate number of months my mom has been living with a cancer diagnosis
23=number of things we actually crossed off of our summer bucket list.
24= Number of days the kids took swim lessons (3 sessions) A new record.  All the kids in the pool at the same time without me in it. Also a new record. 
36= my age.  Definitely not young.  But, not really old.  It's a weird place to be... these middle years.  
37=number of things we wrote on our summer bucket list (including a few added afterwards by the kids, like Legoland and sleeping on the tramp)
60= Age my dad turned this summer.  We celebrated by going up to Snowbird and spending the day riding all of the thrill rides they have there.  Without my dad.  Just kidding, he showed up for the last 2 hours.  
86=Number of days until Hyrum's 8th birthday.  We keep track because... kids.  But, also, we started reading the Book of Mormon on Hyrum's 7th birthday with the goal to finish before he's baptized.  We're currently just ahead of schedule.  
90= seconds seems like a short amount of time.  Unless you're spending that time in various plank positions during Barre workouts.  I'm getting better.  Stronger.  Last time I only came out once during that time.  
96= hours is a shortened work/school week.  A decent time for a quick vacation getaway.  A brief work trip. But, a very long time to be continuously hooked up to poison (chemo), which is what my mom is signing up for on Monday.  
102= Number of days until Kate's birthday.  Because every time I look up Hyrum's countdown, we have to look at Kate's as well.  
294= Number of steps up a narrow spiral staircase in the Bunker Hill Memorial tower that we climbed.
521= Home run count of David Ortiz the night we saw him hit one.  He tied Ted Williams record that night, and has since added quite a few more.   
1,000= dollars it cost to buy Maggie.  A dog.  A dog that whines and poops.  We paid that kind of money.  And that was pretty cheap! (my idea was a rescue, for the record)
12,000= the cost (in dollars) of one of my mom's chemo pills.


  1. Holy Cow. Good report on things, though.

  2. I absolutely loved your list. And I love what a good mom you are, and you are constantly looking for ways to enrich your families life!!!