Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What a year

At least once in high school and a couple of times in college I took a questionnaire where you checked different boxes to determine the amount of stress you're experiencing in your life.  I've thought that piece a paper a lot over the last 12 months or so.  

Having your house up for sale (and keeping it clean) is certainly a stressor. Along with the process of finding and purchasing a new one.  Not to mention the actual move, which ours had a few added headaches, waiting, stress, and a sprained ankle.  

New ward.  New callings.  New schools.  New friends.  

New job.  New scheduling conflicts, learning the actual job, worrying that it's an okay thing that I actually have a job.  

My mom receiving a terminal cancer diagnosis.    

Justin is currently underemployed, to say the least.  

The family (side) business had a few ups and downs and we sold the building, but set up shop in a different location for now.  

Justin continues to travel and spend extended periods of time out of town for the Navy. 

Add that to the everyday excitement of getting kids and parents everywhere they need to be, when they need to be, fit in a bit of exercise, fun, sleep, and the occasional clean house and it's no wonder I am currently feeling like the weight of an elephant is sitting on my chest.  I can't tell if I'm waiting for it to go away, or if this is what being adult just feels like.  

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